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.: Her world in ruins :. by ASinglePetal

This picture has lots of potential to be something with impact! So here are a few things: :bulletred:The subject of the picture is a little tough...


OC Artvomit by xXAngelsofChaosXx
OC Artvomit
Hey! Okay, so this picture has actual a reason for existing, I swear! 
So, sometimes I have a really hard time getting all of my notes on paper, doing character sheets and stuff like that. You know? I can draw chapters and chapters of this comic without writing anything down because I've been cycling the story through my head for years. It's just really hard to write out!
So as regarding four of my OC's for Hikari no Iso, everything I need to note about them is on this piece of paper!

The numbers are each of their factions, their expressions are to remind me what their personality is like, blah blah blah--let me introduce my babies! lol

9-1-9 is Yume Hidaka, is the squad leader. She's not actually all that happy-go-lucky but 'Ali' is. Whenever I draw Yume, I pretty much intend to draw a long haired Ali. 

5-3-4 is Hitomi Sato is the youngest of the group and has a bit of a tsundere attitude. She has a bit of resentment towards Yume, but the two always push each other to do their best, she really cares for her squad, but feels like she is hugely responsible for whether of not they fail because of her mentality of being the strongest. She competes with Yume constantly because of their eye abilities, always claiming that her Byakugan is far more surperior than Yume's Aozoragan, which often causes a bit of conflict between the two. (As I typed this, I kinda realized that she's pretty much the Vegeta to Yume's Goku...yeah...pretty much. I'm pretty proud of that. lol)

2-5-3 is Hansuke Yamauchi. He is very quiet and reserved but has the biggest heart. Everyone in the squad usually confides in him and genuinely trust in what he has to say. He deeply cares for Yume and has made it known that his loyalty falls to her before Jaaku, which was all the more damaging when she didn't remember him as 'Ali'. Still, he retains his loyalty.

7-2-1 is Minoru Kada, the loudmouth and pretty much my favorite of the group. When he was a kid, he lost both of his arms and had them replaced with wooden ones operated with wires that he manipulates with chakra. He loves to joke around and keep everyone on their toes with his pranks. His loyalty is leaning a little more towards Jaaku because he gave him his arms, but he believes in Yume's cause. He wishes there was a peaceful way for them to help the village, but he's a realist as well. 

so. There's that! lol
Glad You're Okay... by xXAngelsofChaosXx
Glad You're Okay...
I spent HOURS on this! lol
Precious time I will never get worth it. 

One thing I'm seriously looking forward to in Hikari No Iso is showing you guys this dynamic between Sasuke and Ali and how it evolves from a one sided partnership to a genuine friendship and the obstacles each of them have to overcome along the way. I really hope you guys like this, my artstyle is a little different now than it was when I first drew this. Maybe someday I'll redraw it!

This scene takes place after a major battle with Jaaku and ninja from Alikitsu's village. Now branded as a traitor, Sasuke sympathizes with Ali's plight and infers some relief that she was okay. She takes it as an apology or a previous argument and listens to him explain how he felt like he betrayed everyone who believed in him. Still worn out from the fight, Ali quietly falls asleep. Not as easily irritated about him as he used to be 

Naruto©, Naruto Shippuden™ and it's original characters are property of M. Kishimoto, Shonen Jump©, Viz Media©, and Funimation. 
Please support the official Release!
AliProfile by xXAngelsofChaosXx
EDIT: Sorry, I meant to add to the little thing about the branding. While her village is relatively small, it is governed in factions. When a ninja becomes certified, they are branded in a specific are such as the chest, back, neck, left leg, right leg, both shoulders, left hand, right hand, or forehead. The brands have meaning pertaining to how that faction contributes to the village as a whole, and also stands as a test for when children are initiated. If they cannot withstand the pain of being branded, the skin is removed as a mark of dishonor and their chakra is sealed by Jaaku. 


I'm going to start posting basic character sheets for each of my OC's from Hikari Ni Iso! Are you excited? I am!

Alikitsu is one of the main protagonist and definitely one of my favorite characters! There's SO much I want to say about her, but this is just gonna lay out some of the basic info you guys might want to know about her.

This is her appearance that we call her 'repressed form'. This was meant to be temporary in an effort to hide from the Antagonist Jaaku but can't seem to recover her adult form due to memory loss. Because this is her repressed form, her characteristics are going to be slightly inhibited in comparison to when she is in her adult form. Her true name is Yume Hikdaka, but because she couldn't remember her friends settled on the name 'Alikitsu' for the time being, Kazue affectionately calling her 'Ali-chan' instead.

Rank: N/A
(Based on the mongrelmarie scale, Ali's skill set would fall under Chunin)
Age: (Approx) 14
Birthday: May 6
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120lbs
Blood Type: O
Chakra Nature: Fire
Personality: Magnetic, Cheerful, Spirited
Strength: 9
Constitution: 15
Stamina: 10
Agility: 16
Dexterity: 14
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 18
Comeliness: 10
Total: 113

Wanna make a balanced OC? Check out this swagtastic tutorial right here by the amazing :iconmongrelmarie:
Tutorial here -->…
Working on some stuff right now, I'm so excited to post it for you all! I have some comic ideas I really want to share with someone, if you don't mind geeking out with me, feel free to send me a note!
Be back as soon as I can. 

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